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Please contact me if you are interested in a commission piece or a small mural.

Hello, I am a mixed media artist from Metro Detroit. I worked as a graphic designer and self-taught muralist for many years, however, in 2020 I made the leap to full time painter after finishing the “Milan Art Institute Mastery Program” and never looked back!

I am influenced and moved by how different genres of music and various styles of art make people feel. That is where the inspiration for my music series comes from. I want to portray the joy that art and music bring, and encourage people to find the strength to pursue their passion to create or simply go out and enjoy the arts. I feel that the world needs beautiful art and music and that they are universal languages that bring people together.

My other love is nature. Going for a hike or kayaking really makes you live in the moment. You can't help but be inspired by the natural beauty all around you!


My favorite place to be is painting in my home studio while listening to a playlist of all different genres of music. I tap into the right side of my brain and escape time and space and focus on the canvas in front of me. I usually work on several paintings at a time to keep things fresh and in different stages of development.


I enjoy connecting with the local and online art community and to my collectors!

 —Susan Eatmon

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Let's Zoom

My first exhibition was a fun traveling community artist show that kept on growing! The theme was "self-portrait during a zoom meeting". It was a great way to meet other local artist!     —2021

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Sight & Sound

Best of Show Award from the Grosse Pointe Art Association landed me a solo show at the Grosse Pointe War Memorial for the following Spring.  —2022

Gazing Up Best of Show.jpg

Summer Invitational

"Gazing Up" won Best of Show at the Lawrence Street Gallery in Ferndale.   —2023

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